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Mortgage Rules and qualifying for Financing

Qualifying for a mortgage?

Find out just how much you can reasonably qualify for.

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How much will my payments be?

Determine what your monthly payments might be and how you can minimize your overall expense with accelerated payments to close out your mortgage faster.

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Prefer a Mobile Experience?

Check out this mobile mortgage app.

It includes everything you need to estimate your homeownership costs. You can calculate mortgage scenarios, get pre-qualified, browse thousands of rates, stress test, land transfer taxes, closing costs and so much more.

Who can I speak to about my mortgage or financing options?

MARIE ILLERBRUN | Mortgage Broker at Dominion Lending Centres

Marie brings her 30+ experience as a seasoned Mortgage Broker and is able to seek out the best possible mortgage product available for your specific needs.

Click here to find out more about Marie and set up a time to meet.

ROB CAMPBELL | Mortgage Broker at The Rob Campbell Mortgage Team

Rob is an energetic and enthusiastic gentleman who brings numerous financial packages and options. Rob is a rising star among Mortgage Brokers here in Guelph.

Click here to learn more about Rob and his team of financial partners.